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Brighter Futures Together Toolkit

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Welcome to the Brighter Futures Together toolkit. It is simple and easy to use. It gives advice about how you can improve your local community.

There are lots of factsheets on all sorts of issues and each factsheet features step-by-step advice, and explains where to go to get further help. You can look through each of the factsheets individually, click on a category on the right to browse the factsheets, or use the search function in the top left hand corner to find a particular factsheet. We hope you find it useful.

The toolkit needs to be kept updated to ensure that it gives the best possible advice. If you believe that any of the content is wrong, or if you have any further suggestions for factsheets, please let us know. To help us with our monitoring, please tell us if you are using the toolkit, and if you find it helpful.


Create intergenerational projects and activities in your community. …


Encourage participation, protection and the enhancement of your local heritage.…


Involve children and young people in your community. …


Make your community a safe place to live. …


Create a healthy community where you live. …