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  • Sustainable Cities Research Institute

    Sustainable Cities Research Institute (SCRI), is a research and consultancy institute within the School of the Built and Natural Environment at Northumbria University. SCRI conducts work across a number of different subject areas, encompassing social, economic, and environmental aspects of sustainability.

  • Durham County Council

    Durham provides the majority of local authority services in County Durham. They support and run a number of environmental projects and campaigns to help make County Durham altogether greener. The council also undertakes work on sustainability including climate change and sustainable development.

  • North Tyneside Council

    The provider of local authority services in North Tyneside. North Tyneside has committed itself to greening its areas in partnership with local businesses and the voluntary and community sector through the establishment of the ‘Greening North Tyneside’ Partnership Board.

  • Sustaine

    Sustaine is the regional champion body for sustainable development in the North East of England. They work to advocate and embed sustainable development to help the North East move towards a more sustainable future.

    The Sustainable Communities North East Initiative was a project led by Sustaine, before it became an independent partnership.