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Have you got a really good example of a project that has helped to create a sustainable community?

If so, we would like to hear from you. We are collecting examples of the great community projects happening across the North East to share and celebrate. If you have a successful sustainable related community project that you want to tell everyone about, please tell us about it.


Newcastle Food Co-op

Newcastle Food Co-op was set-up to encourage students, staff and members of the community to buy more ethically sourced food. …


Greening Wingrove
Greening Wingrove

Greening Wingrove, an ethnically and socially diverse area in Newcastle upon Tyne. …


Community cafe
Community cafe in Cowgate

The Cowgate community create a cafe to bring people together. …


bird boxes
Friends of Jarrow Park Wildlife Haven

Friends of Jarrow Park create a wildlife area for local schoolchildren. …


Hedworth Community Garden
Hedworth Community Garden

Hedworth Residents Association applied the toolkit to improve their community garden and involve young people in their project. …


GIRLS Textback Service

The introduction of a confidential, sexual health text back service for teenage girls. …

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